What Sets Us Apart

When I started building homes 20 years ago, there were three things that I knew were important to me: my integrity, my belief in quality, and my commitment to learning and innovating. Looking back, my clients will attest that these three factors distinguish our team’s work from other builders.

When other builders have expanded, we stayed small - intentionally. We work exclusively on high-end custom projects - both new construction and renovations - because it is in these projects that client service, a long-term view of home quality, and incorporation of home automation and energy-efficient practices matter the most. We welcome clients and partners who share these values…

Integrity First


“I can without hesitation, endorse Lowell Hays as a businessman of integrity.”

- Sam H.

Building a home can be scary. For most people, it's the largest investment of their lives. But like buying your wife's wedding ring or taking your car to the mechanic, it can feel uncomfortable to not know all the answers yourself. For me, navigating this journey with clients is what gives me the most joy. I believe integrity and trust matter more than anything else in a successful client-builder team.

Quality to Last


“Even after four years, Lowell is readily available and willing to help us with any questions that come up.”

.- Harry O.

I've owned my personal house since 1988. I've raised my two kids - and three dogs - in that house with my wife, and have memories each day as I walk down the hallway.

I build each home with the expectation that my clients will be able to do the same. I believe firmly in going the extra mile, using top-quality materials, and not cutting corners. And when something goes wrong, I will be there.

Innovation & Design


“Lowell Hays Construction exemplifies elegance, perfection, and style. “

- Sheila H.

Technology is changing rapidly. From home automation to surveillance and monitorring to thermo-energy management techniques, it’s an exciting time in the home building industry. We pride ourselves on utilizing proven, innovative building products and partnering with clients to be ahead of the game when its comes to the latest technology.

This applies to both what you can see and touch, as well as what we can’t see. From insulation to windows, we will educate you on not only quality and cost, but also the tradeoffs of selections. Because it’s ultimately the details that make all the difference.